The Status And Needs Of HD Data Storage

Hayley Aslatt Data Storage Reviews

data-storage-image-7In a high-definition surveillance system, video surveillance data storage is an important aspect of networked, intelligent storage technology in the monitoring system has been playing an increasingly important role. HD monitoring application front-end HD IP camera mostly for high-definition resolution 720P (HD) and Full HD 1080P or 1080i (Full-HD), the transmission frame rate of 25 frames per second, high-definition video in H.264 or Mpeg4 through different compression after encoding processing, general rate in 4-20Mb / between, then all the way to high-definition video will generate 2-10GB of data per hour. Monitoring data generally require 7 × 24-hour business continuity storage, storage time from days half to January, or even a year, the amount of data stored increases linearly with time. Security monitoring throughout every corner of the city, a few thousand to ten thousand one’s monitoring, storage capacity will reach several PB level. In a complex network environment, the stability of the storage system is particularly important. Combined storage systems and monitoring platform, front-end coding equipment from many ways to improve the stability of the overall system to ensure continuous monitoring business. Network environment is the basis of the monitoring system to digital, network-oriented development will play an irreplaceable role in the development process monitoring system based on IP network storage technology.

Performance storage systems, from surveillance applications, mainly for the support of the front one’s concurrent writes, ability to support platform management, document retrieval time delay, concurrent ones, such as video playback. HD monitoring applications have a significant impact bandwidth and data processing capabilities, caching to require storage system optimized for multiple concurrent writes to monitor application performance. Management data storage system management platform, the same equipment in response to IO, high demands on processing capability. Today’s monitoring system, application monitoring platform will become increasingly deep and universal, store surveillance video data stored in the system utilization will be higher. From initially only for video viewing history, the development of intelligent surveillance video analysis, and with the alarm system etc. These applications are

These applications are an intelligent response to the equipment storage system IO, processing capability and put forward higher requirements. Users in the face of numerous surveillance equipment vendors, how to build a complete monitoring system, maintenance of large equipment for unified to become the user’s problem. ONVIF and PSIA as is currently the most influential international standards can be unified planning and management of complex monitoring equipment through standard protocols. A storage system as an important part of the monitoring system, it requires storage systems to support international standards.

In the era of standard definition video surveillance, multi- user storage space is concerned; DVR SD is the standard configuration of the system. But after entering the HD, since HD video can capture more detail, cover a wider space, better able to support intelligent video analysis technology for post data mining, the value of video data will greatly improve storage also made higher requirements. Then enter the high-definition, high-definition IP video surveillance system requirements for storage devices mainly, what does? Currently, high-definition IP video surveillance based mainly refers to a resolution of 720p or 1080p HD video source being built in IP video surveillance system, front-end HD video capture, back-end high-definition video storage, forwarding center to achieve high-definition video streaming, retrieval, playback, display, and management. While high-definition video sources on the use of advanced compression algorithm H.264, but one-way video stream still requires 4Mbps-8Mbps, which requires appropriate for storage devices to high-definition monitor features a large stream, efficient and complete video write data security, and should have a powerful computing performance and higher capacity, more importantly, in meeting these requirements, storage technology and surveillance applications in particular need to do a combination of high-definition monitor more closely the application, so only specially designed for a specific application products and solutions to better meet the requirements.


HD monitoring system to use more HD IP cameras as video capture devices, such devices themselves often do not have a long storage media, data storage process more data is transmitted over the network, then data is stored on a dedicated storage device. Since IP video surveillance needs 7 × 24 hours of continuous writes, storage time is relatively long, usually takes a month or even longer storage, the amount of data increases linearly with time, growth, and therefore need to be a flexible expansion of large-capacity storage devices. At the same time the high-definition system for system expansion, only the flexibility to access the associated IP cameras can be realized, for this characteristic front-end, back-end storage solutions corresponding requirements need to have greater flexibility to adapt the system need for scalability, network monitoring analog monitor image will change to the main characteristics of the local storage, and it could be realized in a local or remote monitoring image, one or more locations for storage. As a result, how the massive data required for rapid retrieval and historical video capture, how effective and fast storage device management and maintenance to protect the security of data storage systems have become the focus needs to think about construction problems.

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