Key Features Of HP Ultrium LTO 5 That You Should Never Overlook

Hayley Aslatt HP Ultrium LTO 5

When contemplating utility and suitability of the most reliable HP Ultrium LTO 5 storage media, it’s always important to evaluate your specific needs. If this system lacks certain special features, the perceived uses and multiple features might have been altered. This implies that the backup system is still not completely useful and effective to cater for your specific needs. Sometimes, you might think that you’ve safely backed up or stored your business information, but only to realize when it’s too late that you didn’t take the necessary measures to ensure your data/information was sufficiently stored. Here are some important features of a great LTO 5 data backup system.

1. Standardized Technology

It’s unlikely to find a business only sticking to one supplier and this implies that you’re more likely to find LTO 5 products sold in different sellers. People usually purchase LTO 5 products, depending on their specific needs. HP Ultrium LTO 5 comes with additional features, including standardized technology to help you avoid transferring the information management system each time you upgrade to the latest version.

Always remember that All LTO products are compatible within the product line and this means that it’s very possible to upgrade from old version to the latest version – from LTO 4 to LTO 5. When purchasing, you can choose between custom and non-custom cartridges. Both versions contain DFID choices – one of the features of HP Ultrium LTO 5.

This feature is also a real great edge to LTO users because it helps you to benefit from more advanced technological features without additional costs, such as overheads or space consumption. Without additional costs, you are able to enjoy features such as AES 256-bit encryption, interchangeable RW or WORM media.

2. Security Of Information

Of course, safety and security of your information is one of the critical things to put into proper consideration when looking for data storage media to back up your sensitive information. Regardless of its storage capacity, a good HP Ultrium LTO 5 should be as safe and secure as possible. With its WORM cartridges, for instance, users can create tamper proof and compliant long-lasting archives.

Moreover, unauthorized information access can be prevented through inbuilt AES 256 encryption found in all LTO 5 cartridges. Such encryption is very critical, especially when it comes to complying with strict business regulations. For security reasons, regulatory bodies require all businesses to encrypt their sensitive information, and the best way to do this is through HP Ultrium LTO 5 security features.

3. Linear Tape File System (LTFS)

This is one of the greatest features of HP Ultrium LTO 5 responsible for safety of stored data. HP LTO products also include partitioning – where one side of the tape conducts the indexing task, while another portion holds the file. This makes it able to inform the drive while the files are stored in the tape. This partitioning also enables the use of LTFS – the drive reads the indexed information in a format which is easy to use. LTFS also reduces time needed to access files since the tape files and directories can easily be seen in directory listing.

In this age of fast-paced technology, speed and agility are of utmost importance, especially when it comes to backing up sensitive information. There is no need to spend several hours trying to manipulate a certain data storage system when you can get it done in few minutes. HP Ultrium LTO 5 comes with Linear Tape File system which is faster, secure, intuitive and flexible.

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